Party Masters

No one likes a good party more than the McGowans. So….we built a business around it!

Here’s how we party:


Yep. It’s true. We had to get on the pop-up train. It’s too fun not to. Once a season, or perhaps more depending on our mood and our kids’ sports schedules, we’ll do a tasting menu for 20 people. You would swear you might be in LA. Join us if this is your thing. It’s pretty fun if you’re up for adventurous but delicious eating. You might even make some new friends who like good food too!

Private Parties

You can party here at McGowan & Sons. You can party somewhere else. Wherever the location, we can help you with the menu and the ambiance, including some lovely craft cocktails, beer and wine pairings.

Party Villa Event Center

We can seat up to 30 people in the McGowan & Sons Party Villa. If you would like to plan your next party, let’s chat! Call us at 219.241.5016. We will design a menu that is unique to your occasion. We can throw a cocktail party, plated dinner or buffet. Whatever suits you, suits us.


Would you rather McGowan & Sons come to you? We can! And we’ll bring our crew. And our party gear. For once, you get to enjoy your own party.

Buffet to Go

Do you like our grub? Do you want it at your next party but do not require McGowan & Sons service? It’s no problem. You can order a pan or several pans of delicious McGowan & Sons party food.