Frequently Asked Questions

blue crabWhat are your hours?

Sunday Closed
Monday 10:30-6
Tuesday 10:30-6
Wednesday 10:30-6
Thursday 10:30-6
Friday 10:30-6
Saturday 10:30-4

Can I sit and eat?

We are pick up only 

Do you have fresh fish available for pickup?

Yes, our selection varies, so stop in and see what we have. While we recommend that you preorder 48 hours in advance, we do have extra that is available for you to purchase. If you would like to make sure that we have what you need, order ahead.

Is it prepared already or do I neeed to prepare it?

A little of both. We have soups, salads, and pasta that is ready to enjoy. Crab Legs always come in frozen and pre-cooked. You just need to thaw and warm them. Our selection of Seafood is raw. But no worries, we have recipes available if you need them.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we have lunch deliveries. Click here for more information.